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Efforts being made to keep pets off the streets after devastation strikes

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The Humane Society is making efforts to help rebuild communities in Texas and doing what they can to reconnect people with their pets.

Dave Pauli is the senior advisor for wildlife response and policy. He traveled from Billings to Rockport, Texas to rescue animals. He said his job is providing community outreach as well as animal rescue services. He said this is his eighth day helping in Texas and their animal shelter just became operational. He currently stays inside a detention center and bunks with a few of his colleagues.

Pauli and other workers transported 36 dogs on Monday alone. He said they do not ship out the animals elsewhere because their main goal is to get the pets back to their owners and get them off the streets and into safety.

"When I get back from an event like this, I hug my family and my pets much more than I would normally because you get to see the devastation," Pauli said. "When people lose their house, it impacts them. They lose their car, it impacts them. But when they lose their pets, you know, it has a different level of impact."

Pauli said the best way to donate to any organization helping animals is to just donate money because often times, people will donate the wrong kind of food for the animals even though they are trying to do something good. You can help donate to the Humane Society by going to their website at http://HSUS.org.

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