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Can smoke be hazardous for people outdoors?

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If you've stepped outside today, you've probably noticed the smoky air engulfing the Magic City. What's more, some have even seen ash falling from the sky. What does this poor air quality mean for Billings residents? This morning, the sunlight was far different than any other morning. The smoke had gotten much worse. You also may have experienced allergy symptoms, dizziness, or nausea.

Chris Mascarenas was bicycling at Swords Park located on top of the Rims Sunday afternoon. He said he and his wife just moved to Billings from New Mexico a month ago. He also said he doesn't normally exercise outside but his wife wanted to go on a run and he willingly went with her. Mascarenas said he hasn't noticed any major problems while he biked outside.

Al Nash with the Bureau of Land Management said for most people, this type of air quality is just annoying. For others, it can be more of a concern.

"For young people, for elderly, for those who have some sensitivity to poor air quality, they really need to limit their outdoor activity when it's at its worst," Nash said.

"My eyes feel a little scratchy and hasn't bothered my lungs much because I haven't been riding that heavy either," Mascarenas said. "The weather's been beautiful since we've been here and it's just been limited by the smoke that we see."

Nash says if you want to do any kind of outdoor activity, use your best judgment and do it when the air quality is a bit better.

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