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Water rescue updates

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 With a little over a week since hurricane Harvey made landfall,people from all over are continuing to help those affected in Texas.

We are continue to follow Shane Weinreis and his rescue dive team in Texas.

It is currently their third day there and we are keeping in touch by phone, text and on Facebook.

He said they are still the only dive team so they are on standby, he and his team continue to progress as they clear neighborhoods and buildings.

Weinreis adds the demand for boats are high as people want to go back to their houses to retrieve medication, personal items and essential supplies.

The team currently on their way to Beaumont, Texas where there are still some flash flood emergencies.

He mentioned the biggest problem they currently face is getting there as most roads remain closed due to flooding.

The Billings dive team aren't the only ones aiding in rescue efforts.

Animal rescuer Alison Campbell flew to Beaumont, Texas this morning.

However, this isn't her first time assisting with animal rescues in this capacity.

"I am a former hurricane Katrina animal rescuer. I went with an animal rescue group in New Orleans. I was one of ten in the United States they picked to go in first. I think I spent eight or nine days down there. We're going to go in by boats. I have life vests, my life vest and hip waders." Campbell said.

Alison Campbell said animals don't have a voice so they need people to help them.

She is expected to fly back to Billings September 9th but said anything is unpredictable.