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Fire season expected to last longer

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With summer coming to an end that means fire season should be winding down as well, but that's not exactly the case.
 Al Nash from the Bureau of Land Management said to expect a few more weeks of fire season as it has reached a new level.
With the temperatures hotter than normal, combined with windy conditions and a lack of rain, wildfires can grow and spread rapidly.
Al Nash said, "I can not stress enough, that we are going to see peak fire season style situations coming up as we move into the fall which is not typical for Montana."
He said we're in one of the largest fire seasons Montana has seen and the best thing to do is be prepared.
This means being situationally aware, watching weather forecasts and understand the conditions of where you're going. The most importantly is to keep a back pack handy with essential supplies. 
"Think about things you can do to minimize the potential spread of the fire from approaching your residence and your buildings."  Nash said.
This means being aware of flammable items surround your home like dry grass or firewood nearby. Remember if you are not properly equipped or trained, he
wants to warn people stay away from the fires and be ready in case you have to evacuate. 
You can go to for the latest updates on wildfires and how to protect yourself.
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