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MSU Billings welcoming students to campus with "Movers and Shakers" event on Sunday

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On Sunday MSU Billings will host their annual "Movers and Shakers" event.

School staff, students and community members will welcome students to the university and help them move into the dorms. 

Vice Provost Matthew Redinger is a former history professor and says he ended up with lots of students in his classes after getting to know them at "Movers and Shakers." He says helping students and their parents move into the dorms is rewarding. 

"The two things I love best about 'Movers and Shakers' is one, the look on the parents faces, when you show up with a cart and their attitude is, 'Wait, wait, wait, I thought I was going to do this myself, you're here to help?'" he said.  "That's a wonderful thing, but also it gives us a chance to make this campus and this community a real place."

Redinger says this is also an opportunity for students to meet business owners in the community, find out what Billings has to offer, and even network for future jobs. 

And students say it's a good way to help break the ice. 

Sophomore RA Daniel Lurie says this year he wants to help and welcome students they way others helped him.  

"They came up and asked your name and asked what you were going to school for and if you needed help and held all the doors open," he said. "They were there at the elevator, it was very well structured and I think it helped kind of break the ice for me, because it wasn't as intimidating."

Lurie says he ended up joining housing and residential life  partly because he was inspired by last year's "Movers and Shakers" experience.  

Click here to find out how you can volunteer at "Movers and Shakers." 

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