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Are birds migrating early?

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With all of the on-going wildfires, some were concerned the bird might be migrating early. KULR 8's Melissa Scavelli spoke with Director of Montana Audubon Center, Carolyn Sevier about where the birds might be.

She said the wildfires don't really have an effect on the birds in Montana because they've adapted to the smoky summers. She said the end of August to the beginning of September is when birds typically migrate to warmer locations for the winter.

If you're not hearing your backyard birds Carolyn said this, " So there's 2 things going on. The first one is the birds are not signing as much as they did earlier in the season. Birds sing for 2 reasons either to defend territory or to attract mates. They don't really need to attract mates because the breeding season is over and they also don't really need to defend territory because many of them are moving on as part of their fall migration. That migration starts as early as June in some places but right around the middle of August to late August is when it peaks."

She also said if you have backyard birds that decide to stay for the winter to make sure you put out bird feed with protein so they can make it through the harsh Montana winter.

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