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Billings divers heading to Houston to join rescue efforts

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As Hurricane Harvey continues, a Billings dive team is headed to Houston to join the rescue efforts.

For Shane Weinreis, he says he knew he needed to get to Houston right away to help those still stranded in the rising waters. He and his water rescue dive team of five know that the people in Houston are in a dire situation and says the phone calls are nonstop.

"People are calling in. The last call I heard of was a gal trapped in a house. The house is flooded and full of snakes. She's got two babies and can't get help," Weinreis said. "It's calls like that – one after the other – and they get put on the back burner until somebody can get to them."

Although getting to Houston isn't easy, he says they still face two problems. He says there are hundreds of calls like the one you just heard and not enough responders.

Plus rescue teams also have difficulty accessing people's locations.

While his team has dealt with a few floods before, it's nothing on a scale this big. But Weinreis says he's hopeful for the mission and says he is blessed with God's grace.

"It's the strength and ability God gifted me with, and when I put it to use and are able to save somebody's life, and they give you that simple thank you, that's the reward right there," Weinreis said.

His main focus now is working to keep his team safe and making rescue operations happen. The dive rescue team will be there for a week and will have cell phone coverage in the area.

A GoFundMe page is set up for the nonprofit organization to raise money to cover the costs of transportation, food and water for the team and victims as well as emergency supplies.

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