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Four new Billings police officers sworn in

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Standing tall and proud in front of an audience filled with family and friends, four police officers: Ryland Nelson, Treyvor Malcolm, Justin Bickford and Paul      Morris swore oaths to protect and serve the Billings community Tuesday morning.

During the ceremony, police chief Rich St. John explained what is expected of them and emphasized the importance of community involvement, managing time and maintaining integrity.

"Guard your integrity as if it is your most important possession because it is. You must be morally better than anyone else both on and off duty. Realize there are no time outs with your integrity. It is a full-time deal." police chief Rich St. John said.

Police officer Justin Bickford who has been a police officer for three years hopes to impact kids and make a difference.

Bickford said, "It's intimidating for them or they have a bad image of cops from television or movies. So, to be able to give them a high five and reach out to them lets them know that we are there for them."

All four police officers are POST certified and will begin their administrative training on September 5th and will continue their field training program starting September 25th.