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More direct flights out of Billings?

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If you fly out of an airport in Montana you know that most tickets you buy land you in a layover city before your final destination.  Billings Logan International Airport says started a direct American Airlines flight from Billings to Dallas on June 2.  Airport personnel say the flights have been very successful.

Kevin Ploehn, Director of Aviation and Transit for the City of Billings says airport personnel has been in contact with United Airlines about a possible direct flight from the Magic City to San Francisco in the Summers. 

Officials with the airport say United is still thinking about the flight, considering their amount of planes, staff and the number of full flights out of Billings.

He says the drought.. And wildfires play into the traffic this airport gets.

Billings travel agency owner and agent.. Sabrina Kraft.. Says direct flights out of Billings has been a need for a very long time.

"We have a lot of business commuters that need and require non-stop  flights and we are begging them to listen to the success stories here and saying, hey, this was something that is necessary," Sabrina v. Kraft, Travel & Trips Agency, Owner and CEO.

When it comes to another direct flight out of Billings Kraft says the value, interest and market is there.