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Let's pretend you won the lottery! Now what?

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When it comes to the lottery, it's fun to dream about winning.

But as the saying goes, money doesn't necessarily buy happiness. Winning the lottery can actually make your life harder

Past winners and financial advisers say there's a long list of things you'd need to do if you won.

First, they say don't tell a soul. 

There's one exception. You'd want to get your squad together, including an estate planning attorney, an accountant, an insurance agent, a financial adviser, and even a therapist. 

Then comes deleting your social media and changing your phone number and address. You'd also want to wear a disguise when you claim your prize.

Some experts recommend setting up an LLC or trust with all of your new assets to help build anonymity. 

Finally, leave town, or even the country, at least for a year or so.