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Safety tips for getting your children to school on the first day

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Kids head back to school on Thursday for District 2 in Billings but have you talked about safety with your kids yet?

Meadowlark Elementary School parents and students got to meet their teachers and tour their school on Tuesday night to help get adjusted. Building familiarity with your child's school is a big part of ensuring that everyone kicks off the new school year safely.

Meadowlark principal Stacy Lemelin spoke about what parents need to do to ensure their child's safety getting to and from school. Lemelin says if you're dropping your child off to be patient and arrive early because the first day is always hectic.

She also offered advice for if you let your child(ren) walk to school, "If you're letting your child walk to school... That's a great thing... Exercise is great in the morning... I always think it's a great thing if you can practice the route with a child before the first day of school so they know exactly where they are walking... Practice looking both ways when crossing streets... Making sure they know where the crosswalks are so they are crossing safely... We never want children or adults crossing in the middle of the block anywhere... That's very dangerous... We just want you to continue using the crosswalks."

Lemelin wants everyone to arrive at school safely and ready for a fun day of learning every day. 

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