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MSU- Billings hosted a solar eclipse viewing party

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The MSUB Department of Biological and Physical Science hosted an eclipse viewing party Monday morning that was free for everyone and was full of food, science, and fun. The department passed out 250 pairs of solar glasses in preparation for the eclipse. The once in a lifetime event occurred Monday morning between 10:30 and 12:45 prompting many to head outside to take a look up at the sky. 

MSUB biology professor, James Baron said, "The cool thing about this is the viewing party. The coolest thing about an eclipse is how it gets so many people excited." 

Along with the free solar eclipse glasses at the event, people could also view the sun through the university's special solar telescope. 

Professor Baron said MSUB professors Stewart Snyder and Stephen Wiles went to Idaho where there was a total eclipse. They were participating in an effort to send weather balloons up 50 to 60 thousand feet to photograph the eclipse above most of the atmosphere. 

The next eclipse to occur in the United States is on April 8th, 2024. 

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