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MontanaFair attendance hits a decrease this year

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There are three more days left at MontanaFair. Concerts are always a big part of the fair but this past week, the featured concerts did not sell out as expected. KULR 8 wanted to find out about how attendance has been so far at the fair overall.

We spoke with the marketing and sales director at MetraPark, Ray Massie, and he said the fair is down about 4 to 5 thousand people than last year, but he said it's not a significant decrease, in terms of fair attendance.

Massie said revenue hit a record high last year thanks to the carnival rides, food, and evening entertainment. He also said their issue is that it's hard to catch up once you start off a bit behind. With all this in mind, Massie said by the end of the weekend, MontanaFair will have approximately same number of people attending as last year.

"The decline in attendance, this slight decline really isn't significant for us," Massie said. "What is happening is that the amount of money that people were spending when they come to the fair is down a little bit from what we've had in past years. It's still going to be an excellent fair for us. We're still going to do in that thirty percent range our annual budget here at MetraPark, but MontanaFair is doing very well."

Massie reminds everyone that MontanaFair comes around just once a year and it's your chance to get fair food and hop on those rides. He also said the weather couldn't be better this year, so he invites you to take in the last four days.

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