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Telemedicine: A bridge between doctors and patients

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People all across the state travel to hospitals in Billings to visit with their doctors, which can get tiring if you have to visit frequently. Technology is helping bridge the gap to help both the doctor and patient.

Telemedicine is a technology used to treat patients by means of telecommunications technology. St. Vincent's Frontier Cancer Center has been using this form of technology for over 10 years to help provide the best care for cancer patients who live in rural areas throughout Eastern Montana.

"It saves time on the people's time because when you have to travel, it takes us an hour and a half to - pretty close to two hours by the time we can get to Billings, " Glenda Nigbor said.

Glenda Nigbor lives 20 miles out of Miles City and was diagnosed with stage II pancreatic cancer in February. According to Dr. Cobb, who is Glenda's oncologist, she has to receive chemotherapy every two weeks and traveling would have been a nightmare. Dr. Cobb said St. Vincent's has been able to team up with Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City so that Glenda doesn't have to travel to get treatment. Glenda said she loves using telemedicine because it's convenient and she can stay in her hometown.

"Chemotherapy is a difficult thing to tolerate sometimes and there's different toxicities that we have to monitor and really, it's only because we're able to talk to them that we're able to do this really good job of keeping up with them," Dr. Cobb said.

Glenda said she signed up for the Relay for Life of Eastern Montana in Miles City on August 18, and will be walking as far as she can. We would like to wish her the best.

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