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Keeping rides safe at MontanaFair

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A recorded daily inspection has to take place as required by ASTM regulations and insurance. KULR 8's Briana Monte spoke with John Hanschen who is the president of Thomas Carnival Incorporated and he said this is his 38th year working at MontanaFair.

Hanschen said experienced workers set up the rides very systematically. He said they are instructed and trained to let supervisors know if there's an issue. That way, the supervisors can take a look and see if there's really an issue or not. He also said after a ride is setup, another inspection is taken place.
Hanschen said all the important points of the ride set-up is checked and this can be anywhere from passenger restraints to electrical equipment. He said the public and the carnival have to use teamwork.

"They work together to make things safe so the public can follow the rules and the height signs," Hanschen said. "I always recommend that if a ride is new to them, that they look it over one time. You know see how people get in, see how the harness works, or the seat belt works. If there is a seat belt, how they get on and if the ride operator helps them to get strapped in or if they're supposed to do it themselves. Each ride's a little bit different."

Hanschen also said that inspectors don't just leave after inspections. They stay at the fair to observe the rides while they're being used. He said these inspectors will observe and listen for anything out of the ordinary so that they can try to prevent tragedy.

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