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Mother shocked by content on child's iPad

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As a parent, keeping your children safe is your number one priority, but what do you do if your child has been taken advantage of? 

A mother in Castle Rock, Washington has reached out to KULR-8 about that exact situation. She has requested to remain anonymous to protect herself and the nature of her case.

The incident took place at a KOA campground in Castle Rock, Washington on July 29, 2017.

The mother says she would drop her daughter off with the father once a week to play with some friends at the campsite. One day, after picking up her daughter, the parents made a puzzling discovery on the child's iPad. There they found several videos and pictures of sexual nature with their daughter and 5-year old. They immediately reported the sexual content to the police and now the iPad is in possession of local police.

When asked about the content their daughter informed them that the 8-year-old friend had instructed her and the 5-year old to perform explicit acts for video and photographs.

In addition to calling the local police, the mother contacted Child Protective Services and Billings-based KOA about the incident.  

She would like to make other parents aware of the potential dangers for their children, especially after moving. She believes her daughter fell victim to wanting friends and pressure to listen to the older child. She wants to let parents know children are technology savvy, so it is important to be aware of who your children are hanging out with and what they are looking at on the internet. say some main warning signs are sudden changes in behavior, nightmares or changes in sleep patterns, changes in appetite, and refusing to take off their clothing at appropriate times, such as bath time. has several tip sheets on concerning behaviors to look for in your children along with how to report any sexual abuse. 

When reporting to CPS they say to make sure you know as much information as possible to assist Children's Administration in determining the best plan of action. Main things to know are the names, address, and age of the child and parents, stepparents, guardians, or other persons having custody of the child, nature and extent of alleged abuse and neglect, and any knowledge of previous incidents of abuse or neglect.

Sexual abuse resources:

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