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4H helping students experience Montana

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When you think of 4-H you might think of students working with livestock and agriculture.

But, the Montana 4H International Program is a way American students can go to other countries and also a way Montana families can host foreign students.

The Howe family in Billings, is giving thirteen-year old Japanese student Misato a taste of Montana.

In the close to three weeks middle school student Misato Tanemori has spent with the Howes, she says she has experienced Montana by eating lots of steak, camping, boating and her favorite...horseback riding.

This is the second straight-summer the Howe family has hosted a Japanese student.  Thirteen-year old Cassidy Howe says it's like having a sister that comes and lives with you for a month, that doesn't speak English.  But she says it's helped her learn how to be a better communicator with anyone.

"The good things that have come out of it are, like, you learn to communicate with people a lot better, if someone doesn't understand something I'm saying, I can communicate a lot better," Cassadie Howe, Host Family.

Cassidie says she learned this by gesturing or by just using different words than she normally would.

Stephianie Davison, Program Coordinator for the MSU 4H Center for Youth Development says the Montana 4H International Program is great for families with kids that want to expose their kids to another county but don't want to send their kids abroad.

"They communicate on a daily basis with people that don't speak English," Davison says.  "It's exposure without travel."

Stephanie Davison, Coordinator for the MSU 4H Center International Program says the 27 Japanese students in Montana right now go back to home August 18th.  She says endowments and scholarships are available for U.S.. Students wanting to go to a foreign country.

If you would like to learn how to host a student or send your child to either Japan, South Korea, Norway, Finland or Costa Rica you can go to http://montana4h.org/programs/international/index.html