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Rocky Football Opens Camp With High Expectations

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The first day of fall camp is a magical time. For fans it's just a great time to see how your team looks for the first time since the spring, but for players, it's a little something extra special.

"Oh I'm so excited, I've been waiting all summer for this," said Battlin' Bears linebacker Chase Bertelsen. "All the guys that are here are vets, and stuff, and they've just been itching to get the pads back on."

"It's like a lot of excitement, but some nervousness too," said Battlin' Bears runningback Jade Olson. "You've got to knock off the rust and all that, but you're getting back to football so it's fun. And everyone always has the most energy at the beginning of camp, but once the season gets going aways you start to run out of energy, but it's always fun right when you first get here."

For the Battlin' Bears today is the first step in many to prove the doubters wrong after seeing Rocky Mountain tied for 7th in the preseason Frontier Conference polls. Today also kicks off year two of the Jason Petrino Era at Rocky, which he says makes things a little easier heading into camp.

"You're always learning, so that's the thing that's nice and comfortable, is that we kind of get forward," said Petrino. "But also our kids learn. They know kind of what to expect, how we're practicing, and those types of things. We go back and watch clips of our guys doing it, versus trying to watch somebody else do it. So our kids know, especially those kids who played and got those reps, so that's always a positive part as well."

The first of many positives coach Petrino hopes to see this season. As young players step into new rolls for the 2017 campaign, we'll have to wait and see what they as well as the veterans have in store for fans this fall.