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Farmers, ranchers grateful for Carbon County's help after fire

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Mosby, MT -

You might say that the sound of an 18-wheeler bumping down the roadway is music to the ears of Destry Harris.

Harris operates a ranch near Mosby and recently lost 14,000 Acres to wildfires.

On Sunday, the 18-wheeler bumping down the roadway was delivering 30 bales of hay. The driver is Devin Reppe, he and two others donated the hay which came to the Harris Ranch from Winifred.

When asked what inspired him to help out a stranger, Reppe kept his answer simple. "It just goes back to the golden rule. Do unto others as you'd want done onto you. It's ranchers helping ranchers. Ranching is... you help your neighbor and that's kind of what we all do."

For Destry Harris, the delivery brought on a strong sense of emotion. "I did good with all of it. You know, the fire, the scare, the cattle, all of it. You're place getting wrecked and when these people started rolling in with hay trucks and stuff... it pulled on the old heart strings pretty hard."

Sunday's delivery is just a small step in the recovery effort. Harris says he certainly knows there is a long way to go. But thanks to the generosity of so many people, Harris sees a silver lining.

In all the Carbon County donation drive netted 10 semi trucks of hay and fencing supplies. The effort also collected $2,000 which will go towards the relief effort.

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