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Farmers and ranchers pull together for Garfield County

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RED LODGE, Mont. -

Farmers and ranchers in Carbon County are pulling their resources together to assist those impacted by the Lodgepole Complex Fire.

Now through Saturday they have set up a donation drive at the entrance of the Carbon County Fair Grounds in Red Lodge.

Melinda Jeffery tells us that she was moved because she has seen first hand what the aftermath of a fire can do to ranchers and their cattle.

Right now Jeffery and other ranchers realize the greatest need for ranchers in Carbon County is a stable feed source for the cattle that have survived the fire.

Much of the feed land has been reduces to ash leaving cattle without any food to survive.

While Jeffery recognizes that the hay collected over the next few days will sustain those ranches long term, she hopes that the donations can at least buy some time for those ranchers to move their herds.

"We know so many people in that area. It's when you're an Ag in the nation its a small community... but when you're in Montana it's really, really small. You know, it would be nothing for us to stop in Winnett and know ranchers and farmers. It's a very tight knit community."


Place: Red Lodge Fair/Rodeo Grounds

Items Needed: hay, fencing supplies, money for fuel, and  Trucks & Trailers to Haul on Sunday from Red Lodge to Jordan.

To arrange Donations or schedule pickup call:

Chris Jeffrey 406-697-3526 

Melinda Jeffrey 406-697-3524 

Jason Brubaker 406-812-0345

Fore more information click here.

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