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Bureau of Land Management prepares for rehabilitation in wildfire areas

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More than 20 wildfires are burning throughout the state of Montana. It's not just ranchers and farmers that need to recover after devastation, the pastures and land that have burned also need to grow back. KULR 8 spoke with the Bureau of Land Management to find out how burned land can recover after a wildfire.

Wendy Velman is a State Office Botanist with the Bureau of Land Management and she said they are already preparing to rehabilitate the land burned by wildfires.
     She said that after the fires are put out, BLM is able to come in and walk around to look for things like crowns or roots of grass. She also said if they can't find any roots or crowns, they'll know it burned hot enough that they've probably lost those grasses. Velman said in the next few weeks, they will get a team together and coordinate with private, state, and federal land agencies to gather information now so when they can start evaluating, they can be ahead of the game. Velman explained what kind of plan BLM has in store.

"Not only we can grow out sage brush seedlings to go put out, we'll probably be doing some of that over the fall into next spring to be planting next fall," Velman said. "We also have a lot of native forbs and grasses that we have seeds available now and those are the types of things that we've been trying to build so that when we do have something like a large wildfire, we can go back in and give a boost to that community."

Velman said they can't go back to the burnt lands and expect to completely rehabilitate that area but she said they can give the system a boost so that mother nature can takes its course.

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