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Pet tech aimed at helping furry friends

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Most of the time when you play with your pet, you reach for some sort of toy. But, what if you’re not home? There are actually TV shows and apps now that you can get to entertain your pets.

Veterinarians say it actually does work. These apps usually have something running around on the screen and the dog or cat has to tap them to make them disappear.

“It’s just giving them activity to do so instead of them just being bored and sleepy and doing nothing they can tap on something that is moving so there's some feedback,” says Dr. Leticia Fanucchia, a clinical instructor at WSU’s veterinary school.

It helps with socialization and can keep them healthy.

“A busy brain or a goal-oriented activity is always better than being bored and doing nothing all day so it's just quality of life that does lengthen survival and lifespan,” she says.

The idea has caught on. There’s such thing as HULU pets now, and some of these apps have half a million downloads.