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Billings community continues to donate to Garfield and Petroleum counties

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The effort to help firefighters and local ranchers who have worked to protect land and its people continues. One of only drop-off locations in Billings that is taking any donations from the area and sending them out to Garfield and Petroleum counties is Joy Global Inc. in the Heights.

The community in Billings have been stopping by all day to drop off water, Gatorade, and things like Cliff Bars. Sandy McCaffree stopped by Joy Global and brought in toothbrushes, dental floss, and toothpaste. She said she wanted to donate items that the average person doesn't normally think about.

Clay Schwartz has close friends that have been affected by the Lodgepole Complex Fire and he dropped off some supplies as well. He said if he can't help out physically, he could help financially.

"It's giving back," McCaffree said. "They've given so much. They've done so much and the little things that we can do to make their life a little bit easier or the families that have been lost or displaced. That's the least we can do."

"Even if we didn't know people up there, it's our responsibility to help them," Schwartz said. "They provide food to us and the country. You know, they're our family, they're our friends, they're our neighbors. We're all Montanans."

If you want to donate anything and support, Joy Global Inc. will be open everyday until 4 P.M. They will be donating every day until help is no longer needed.

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