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Resources for firefighters can be found in Billings

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With firefighters from all over the country traveling to Montana to help fight the wildfires, they need resources to continue the effort.

Chris Barth from the Bureau of Land Management said the location where they store equipment and resources that firefighters use when they're out on a fire is at the Billings Interagency Fire Cache near the Billings Logan International Airport.

According to Barth, the Billings Fire Cache has been used 74 times so far this year and has shipped out more than 200,000 pounds of equipment. He said this would equal to over 2 million dollars worth of equipment. He also said this place is also used to repair any equipment that has been damaged.
Barth says equipment such as hoses, meals, kits, and portable water tanks can be found here. He explained why this is so important.

"It's really important to have this here located in Billings," Barth said. "It's a support cache for the Northern Rockies and here in Eastern Montana, it's great to have. We have a lot of fires going on in Eastern Montana so to have this local and close by and to be able to support those incidents and get this stuff out there that they need quickly is immensely valuable."

Barth said that the way this system works is an order will be sent in and the equipment needing to be shipped out will be transported in vehicles.

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