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Bob Sandler Leaves Incredible Legacy Behind After Last Game

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Bob Sandler just has one of those voices. Often imitated, never duplicated.

"Good evening ladies and gentleman, and welcome to Dehler Park."

"I've had that happen before," laughed Sandler. "In fact I've had quite a few ballplayers over the years, because of my New York accent, they've have imitated me, and I loved every minute of it."

For the past 30 years, Scarlets and Royals alike have all been introduced by Bob Sandler, who came to Billings from New York as a college student to finish his education at Rocky. That was the start of a legacy that lives on to this day.

"Bob made the field," said 1987 Scarlets pitcher Jim Berry. "He made the game for us. He was what was the glue to all these teams being here."

"He's done everything from driving buses to get kids places, to obviously being the announcer that he is," said 2016 Scarlets shortstop Jake Tallman. "So really this program wouldn't be the same without him."

Last night was the final game for Sandler as the Scarlets beat Great Falls 16-5, and the selfless man that he is, his final call was all about the kids.

"We'd like to congratulate both teams, as both teams will be going to state. We especially would like to congratulate our Billings Scarlets, and wish them the best of luck at state."

And with that, the Bob Sandler era came to a close. But what now?

"Probably come back to the ball game, and maybe sit behind home plate sometime," said Sandler. "I've already volunteered to be a fill in if they need me, because I just can't totally walk away."

As Bob prepared to walk away for what could be the final time, to his surprise, he was greeted by a few of those who's lives he had dedicated his to.

"Now go ahead and be great at state. Make me proud," Bob told the Scarlets.

"It'll be hard to top this," said a teary eyed Sandler.