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Montanans unite to aid firefighters, ranchers

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A community in turmoil is uniting together to help local ranchers and those fighting fires in Montana.

"We thought we'd do anything that we could help, and the best thing we can do right now is organizing the supplies," Bart Meged said.

Miles City Livestock Commission organized a location where people can drop off aid for firefighters battling the Lodgepole Complex Fire and for local ranchers that have lost livestock and property. Meged is the owner of Miles City Livestock Commission where the drop-off is being held.

John Morford works at Miles City Livestock Commission and is a member of Montana Warriors on the Water.

"These are eastern Montana ranching folks," Morford said. "They've given their life blood to do what they do. Once the dust settles on this and the fires are put out, there's going to be a lot of people needing help."

When Riley Chaska got wind that help was needed, he traveled 80 miles to help out from Baker, Montana.

"Why wouldn't you want to do this for someone when they're doing so much, losing the ranch and everything," Chaska said.

A child as young as 10 years old said he felt he needed to do something. Kevin stopped by with his mom to donate supplies and help other people unload their vehicles.

"I wanted to start helping today because my mom asked me, and it's for family," Kevin said.

If you'd like to donate – whether it's wool socks for firefighters or hay for livestock – you can drop off the supplies at Miles City Livestock Commission. They are sending out the supplies throughout Garfield and Petroleum counties every day as long as help is needed.

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