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Smoke covers Billings area

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Lockwood fire chief John Staley said there are 13 organizations and fire departments who helped battle the sage fire.

Staley said that the blanket of smoke covering the Magic City is not mainly from the sage fire even though it has contributed. He said the fires that have also contributed are places like Lewistown, Big Horn County, and Jordan. Staley explained why the smoke is lingering over Billings.

"Lockwood and Billings are situated with the Yellowstone River and of course the Rimrocks so it holds it," Staley said. "We get an inversion level. The smoke lays down by the water because it's cooler and we have had winds that will act like the chimney and put it out of the valley. So, I think that's a lot of it."

Fire chief Staley has confirmed that as of 5 P.M. Saturday, the containment is at 100 percent.

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