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Do it yourself: Post power outage checks

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We've all experienced an inconvenient power outage... sometimes, during the summer heat.   

Your first instinct might be to call an electrician, but there are things you can check before you call. Andthat will help keep those hard earned dollars in your wallet. 

Bill Howe, with Doss Electric, says; "Before calling an electrician you want to check your breakers and see if they're in trip condition. Attempt to reset them if they're cool, If they're warm to the touch you'll have to wait a period of time before they will turn back on, or reset," 

If you find a breaker is tripping more than others Howe suggests... "You need to take some of the devices off of that circuit and place them on other circuits in the home to divide that load up." 

That could be as simple as moving an appliance from one outlet to another. 

To test and see if your breaker is bad, Howe says you need to put it in the "off" position.   

Here are three things to look for

  • check the trip condition 
  • attempt to reset the breaker 
  • take devices off the breaker that use electricity. 

Howe says when plugged in motor homes and trailers pull energy too.  

He recommends checking the breakers on these as well. 

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