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Australian couple travels 10,000 miles to support son playing for Billings Mustangs

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As Jake Turnbull takes the field with the Billings Mustangs this week, both his host family and birth family are in the crowd, but it's safe to say the trip to Dehler Park is quite a bit longer for the Turnbulls.

"Yeah, it's about 10,000 miles," said Turnbull's dad, Steven. "We thought, well, we'll see another part of America, which so far has been awesome."

Steven's wife, Pamela, adds that the couple spent about 43 hours in transit traveling from their hometown of Perth, Australia, to Billings, Montana, and the Turnbull travels aren't over yet.

"We've got a few more games here, then we're gonna follow the team to Grand Junction and on to Orem," Steven Turnbull said.

If love is spelled t-i-m-e, this family knows no distance greater than their desire to be there for their son as he pursues his baseball dream.

"It's nice that they come out and they can share the first experience of real Minor League Baseball with me and the whole team," Jake Turnbull said. "If you don't have that support base, you really don't succeed as far as you can."

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