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Keeping your children safe in public pools

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During the summer, many kids spend their time swimming in city pools. Some kids will show up without their parents, but is that smart?

Kaufman said this is a really bad idea because the staff members at public pools don't know if your child can swim. She said lifeguards have to save many kids from drowning because, for example, they will jump off the diving board yet they haven't learned how to swim which happens more often than not. She also said her main concern with that is the life guard and child's safety. Kaufman talks about what parents should do when leaving their child at the city pool.

"They need to educate their kids on water safety," Kaufman said. "Essentially, the guards are here to keep them safe, but technically, it's the parents job to educate their kids and teach them swim lessons, have them go to swim lessons."

Kaufman said if you're child doesn't know how to swim, take them to get swim lessons or make sure you are with them at public pools to ensure they are safe.

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