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Statewide fires keep firefighters busy this summer

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Wildland firefighters continue working hard, battling fires across the state this summer. According to Bighorn information systems, there have been 258 wildfires nationwide so far this year.

The Bureau of Land Management has responded to 47 fires year-to-date burning over 22 thousand acres of land. Al Nash, who is the chief of communications for the Montana/Dakotas State Office of the Bureau of Land Management said the wild land fire environment is an interagency effort so BLM is one of the many agencies that respond to wildland fires. He also said BLM works with many different agencies to fight these wildland fires. Nash explained how this works in Montana and throughout the country.

 "We can have a very intense fire season in Montana," Nash said. "It lasts a certain period of time. Thankfully, that's a time frame where there's less fire activity somewhere else in the country. So when we're busy in Montana, there are typically other parts of the country that aren't seeing as much fire and we reach out to those places and bring in firefighters and equipment to help us out here."

The chief of communications wants to remind people that anything with a heat source or anything that can create a spark can start a fire.

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