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Is technology ruining the relationship between parent and child? New study shows yes

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Technology is a part of everyday life. A new study shows that kids show more behavior issues the more their parents are distracted by digital technology.

This study, posted by Virginia Mason Memorial took moms and dads from 170 families and asked them certain questions; here is what the data showed.

Parents indicated that their smartphones, tablets interfered with their conversations or other activities with their kids at least once a day.

About half of the parents, devices interrupted activities with their kids even more. Sometimes up to three or more times a day.

When technology interrupted parent-child time, it predicted more problems, like whining and temper tantrums.

Tim Sullivan, says as a parent you need to be able to separate yourself from technology. 

Sullivan said, "You tend to get lost a little bit in technology and lose out on the bigger more important things in life, so you got to learn how to shut it off and ignore it sometimes. We like to do a lot of things outdoors; we float the Madison a lot. We go to a climbing Gym, try to do things actively outside and enjoy the beautiful weather."

A couple things you could do to separate yourself are to set times that are specifically meant for your children, for example, as soon as you get home from work, make it play time. 

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