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The final day of Big Sky State Games

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Sunday was the last day of the Big Sky State Games. There are over 25 sports and one of them included bowling. For some people, bowling can be just for fun. At Big Sky State Games, it can be both fun and competitive.

Laurie Sickler comes from Bozeman, Montana. She said she's been coming to Big Sky State Games for 28 years. She also said she's been bowling since she was 5 and likes to compete in bowling. Sickler said explained why it's a good sport for all ages.

"It's very stress free, it's a fun time, we see people, and we see our friends we don't normally see all the time," Sickler said. "Yeah, it's stress free and good time."

If you're thinking about competing in Big Sky State Games next year, you might want to consider bowling.  

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