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Orvis Taking Double Duty for the Shrine Game

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"My baseball coach works really well with it, [Billings Senior football coach] Murdock does too," said Jake Orvis. "I missed two practices for this last night for two games last night. I love both sports, I mean, I'm going to get as much out of it as I can."

Team east defensive back Jake Orvis certainly has a full plate. For most players, their only focus this week is on the Shrine Game. But for Orvis, he couldn't let his other team down, missing Shrine practices to help the Royals get a split on Monday. But he doesn't feel too bad about missing those practices.

"Everybody here is pretty dang good," said Orvis. "I feel like if I miss one or two practices I kind of feel bad, but I've got the guys and the coaching to keep me back on my toes."

That said, while Jake is prepping for the gridiron, he does miss out on the Royals road tournaments. Earlier this year he missed one for the Badlands Bowl, and now he misses another due to the Shrine.

"It's not the best that I miss the only two really cool ones that we go on," said Orvis. "Like road trips are always fun with the guys, and I love the baseball team, but the Badlands Bowl turned out to be a total blast. I love hanging out with those guys. I've got like four of five of my best buddies from growing up here too."

Seems like he's got a pretty sweet deal. As for the Royals, they seem to be doing okay without Jake at their tournament, so the pressure is on for Orvis and team east to make sure he didn't stay for nothing.