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Big Sky State Games: Archery

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It's day two of Big Sky State Games. KULR 8 had the chance to follow archers around in one of the lesser-known state games sports.

KULR 8 spoke with archery commissioner Travis Hoem who's been practicing archery for nine years.He said he and his wife have been volunteer archery commissioners for five years now. He also said they volunteer as well as participate during the games because they are passionate about the sport. Hoem explained why people of all ages come and participate the Big Sky State Games.

"It just brings the community together," Hoem said. "The state of Montana itself, along with the surrounding states are invited in. We have some people from Canada out here shooting with us today. They're invited, which is wonderful. And it's just an amateur sport that mainly gets the kids involved versus the adults. You know, the adults have things to do so kids come and join us and it's been a great experience."

There are games happening the rest of Saturday as well as Sunday. You can find out what events are happening on the Big Sky State Games Facebook page.

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