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Nurse, mom, Crossfit champion: local woman shares journey in high-intensity fitness program

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Between nursing patients at Billings Clinic and raising her children, Hope Cicero pushes her body to new limits, fueled by a passion for one high-intensity workout program.

"After I had kids, I met up with a friend and we were doing some workouts in her garage, and she had this thing called Crossfit," Cicero said. "It was tons of fun, and then it got way more competitive and you're competing against yourself."

Cicero said she was always competitive, and her involvement in softball carried her to and through the University of Mary. Now, she hopes her involvement in Crossfit takes her to the big stage.

"My goal would definitely be to make it to the (Crossfit) Games," Cicero said. As she continues working towards that goal, Cicero is enjoying the journey.

"Everyday you're gonna come in, and there's gonna be something that you need to work on," Cicero said. "There's always a constant push."

Cicero said the program has already transformed her body, and, more importantly, her body image.

"Growing up, I hated my big thighs," Cicero said. "Now, i've learned to appreciate these big, strong thighs that can lift some weight!"

As she continues her training at Billings Crossfit, Cicero added that this program invites everyone to transform their body, and, consequently, their life.

"From this little girl right behind me, the six year old,  all the way to 80, 85, everybody can be doing a little something in Crossfit," Cicero said. "That's what's so great about this sport!"

WATCH Cicero's Crossfit competitiveness in sports tonight.

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