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Make it fun, that's one way to get your child to eat veggies

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For a child, eating vegetables can be a chore. And parents, they can get frustrated by it. But we here at Wake up Montana have compiled tips that you can use that will help get your child in the habit of eating their veggies.

We all know that getting a child to eat their green beans or carrots can be an overwhelming task, but Jenna Gorhim a registered dietician and nutritionist gave these tips.

  1. Get them involved, Gorhim says to make sure your children are involved in the kitchen. Have them peel a cucumber and prepare the vegetable. Also, when at the store let them pick out what vegetable they want to try.
  2. Lead by example; let them see you enjoying the food yourself because they will learn to eat what you eat. Gorhim believes this works better then pressure and bribery.
  3. Make it fun; prepare the vegetables in different ways. Sometimes kids won’t like certain vegetables but they will like them cooked with different seasoning. Or create fun and new names for the vegetable to make eating them more entertaining.

Above all else, Gorhim simply says to be patient with your child. 

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