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Salvage laws, here are some things to remember

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If you hit an animal on the highway can you salvage it? Well yes you can, but there are a few things you need to remember.

MHP says there are only certain animals that you can salvage. Those animals are deer, elk,  antelope and moose.

To salvage an animal you must apply for a salvage permit within 24 hours of the salvage. That can either be before or after you pick up the animal. If law enforcement is on the scene of the crash, they can process the permit for you there. You must remove the entire animal; the salvaged animal can only be for personal consumption and you may salvage an animal that was hit by someone else. The most salvaged animal according to MHP, Elk.

Sgt. Glen Barcus with Montana Highway Patrol said, "Especially when the elk are out moving around, we do get quite a few elk in the fall and during hunting season. Right now the elk are up in the hills and you don't see a whole lot of elk hits, but yeah we do those quite a bit. Those can be attained through any police agency, Highway Patrol, Sheriff's Office, any police department.”

Barcus encourages anyone who is interested in salvaging to get online at and look up salvaging animal laws.

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