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Crews make good progress on some fires in Northwest

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On Tuesday morning, a Type 2 Incident Management Team (Thompson IC) took over control of the Rogers Mountain fires, which includes four separate fires: Grub Fire, Rogers Fire, Northwest Meadows Peak Fire, and Lazier Creek 3 Fire.

According  to the Public Information Officer, crews made good progress on three of the smaller fires. Grubb was sitting at 16 acres as of Monday night. Northwest Meadows Peak was around 12 acres. The PIO says crews are holding the line and will continue to do mop up on both of these fires Tuesday. On Rogers Fire, crews will continue to make and hold a direct line.

On Monday, Lazier Creek had more than doubled in size going from 400 acres to 1,000. There are two divisions fighting that fire. In the South and West, crews are holding and improving lines they’ve completed. In the North and East, they'll continue building the line with equipment on Tuesday.

The PIO says over the past few days, we've had cooler weather than we saw over the weekend, but after Tuesday temperatures are expected to rise again. 

More resources are being sent in, but there isn't word yet on what specifically. 

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