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The fight for affordable housing continues in Bozeman

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The fight for more affordable housing continued in Bozeman last night. The goal, make one out of every 10 homes built affordable.

According to Bozeman City Commissioner Chris Mehl,  two years ago Bozeman put in an affordable housing project for ownership, trying to establish a criteria where about 30 homes a year were available to working families. However, after two years they have fallen a little short on their desired goal. Now, they are looking into a required building housing, so that for every 10 houses built, one would have to be affordable. Mehl says that this plan, will in time help the community of Bozeman.

Mehl said, "Other than resorts like Big Sky and Big Mountain, we have the highest housing prices in the state. And so we are looking to take some small reasonable steps, to try and make housing affordable to some families. We are not going to solve this, we should be under no illusions that we can solve it, but if we can help keep that diversity a family types of income in the area, it's good for our community."

Mehl said that the City Commissioners will  vote on this proposal, next week. 

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