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Heat propels fire, precautions you can take to prevent a forest fire

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It has been hot the past week here in Montana. And with all of this heat, what does it mean for fire season? Is the heat a recipe for disaster?

The Custer Gallatin National Forest is always ready and prepared for a fire to start up. As of right now, according to Fire Prevention Tech Marianne Baumberger the Gallatin Valley is starting to dry up quickly, but as you go up higher into the mountains it is still very green, still picking up showers and the temperature isn’t that hot yet.

However, in Eastern Montana it is a lot more dry and so far they have seen more fires over in that area. Baumberger says that the heat is what makes the fuel for the fire and there are precautions you can take while in the heat.  

Baumberger said,  “When it comes to fire, everyday all the time we want you to be thinking about how you can prevent a fire from starting. So think about it, is it dry grass? Don't drive on it. If you're pulling a trailer on the highways of Montana make sure those trailer chains are not dragging on the ground. They start many fires along highways. And if you go into the forest and you want to have a campfire, check to make sure there are no restrictions. If there are none and you are allowed to have a campfire, make sure you have a bucket, make sure you have a shovel and that there is water in that bucket, and always drown it, stir it and you have to be able to feel those ashes.”

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