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Three bicyclists riding coast to coast for a cause

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Three young men are traveling coast to coast against cancer and they're doing it on two wheels.
Scott Phillips, Josh Johannessen, and Jose Alfaro are bicycling to raise money for pancreatic cancer research. The guys from New Jersey started their journey in Portland, Oregon and will be ending in Portland, Maine. So far, the bicyclists have raised just under six thousand dollars and have traveled a little over eleven hundred miles. Johannessen said Montanans have been very kind and hospitable. The three bicyclists stopped in Billings tonight to rest before heading out again.
"We're just trying our best to make a difference and raising money for pancreatic cancer research," Johannessen said. "We're also doing a theme. Our theme is that anyone can be a superhero because we want to help people out along the way. Like, we came across a guy today who was sitting on the side of the road with a cardboard sign. We rolled up to him, stopped, and we asked him if he needed something to drink so we gave him a few Gatorades, water, and we gave him some cliff bars to eat. We assume anyone with a cardboard sign is not in the best of shape so we do our best to help out."
If you want to help donate to their cause, go to

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