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Summer travel hazards to your pet

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Taking your eye's off the road for two seconds doubles your chances of getting into an accident, according to the AAA foundation for traffic safety.

So, if you're planning how doing some long-distance Summer drives with your pets what are common hazards to be aware of?

Chris Anderson, Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, Executive Director, says driving with your dog in your lap or with them hanging outside the window are two of the biggest dangers to your and your pet on the road.

She says a dog on a person's lap in the car is as dangerous as the person talking on their cell phone.

"There is no way you can manage that dog and it's reaction to everything that is going on outside the window and keep your eye on traffic, know if you have to stop, go," Anderson says.

Chris says when you have your dog hanging outside a window, they can get debris in their eyes, swallow things, get hit first if there's a car accident, or be harmed by a dog hanging outside the window of an oncoming car.  She says your dog hitting their head on something and jumping or falling out the window are also hazards.

She says even if the window is closed handling your animal and the road at the same time is too much.

One last common danger Anderson says they see a lot is dogs running back and forth in a car, generally in a pickup.  She says she recommends putting your dog in a crate instead of a kennel, as long as you don't leave the dog in there when you leave the car.  Chris says those kennels are like ovens and bake the dog.