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Canadian Baseball Player Finds "Home Away From Home" With Montana Host Family

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On any given Minor League Baseball team roster, you'll find players listed from around the country, even outside of the United States. As families host these transplanted athletes during the summer season, they provide players with much more than just a safe place to sleep. In this SWX special, Canadian baseball player Miles Gordon, outfielder for the Billings Mustangs, invites us into his "home away from home" with his Montana family.


In Billings, Rita Carr Giebink's door opens to transplanted Minor League Baseball players from around the world. 

"We've had close to 50 different players living with us," Giebink said. "We've hosted guys from the Dominican Republic, from New York, from Florida, from Texas, from California..."

Giebink's latest guest joins the Billings Mustangs from Ontario, Canada, but the outfielder isn't made to feel like an outsider. 

"The first time I met Rita & Karl was last year, last summer," Miles Gordon said. "I walked into the house was just kind of like 'this is your home.' They made me feel like I've been here before."

It's now Gordon's second summer spending the season in a place where he gains so much more than a safe place to sleep. 

"It's not just a place where I come home after the game and, you know, I'm just staying in their basement," Gordon said. "It's a family that I've grown to have a big connection with."

Gordon said he steps onto the field with the support of both his family and 'second family,' support that helps him through the bad days and injuries that come with playing baseball. 

"We on the road, and I get 6 stitches in my lip," Gordon said. "My lips kind of messed up, and Rita instantly texts me like 'it's gonna be fine. Slap some Vaseline on it. You're gonna be fine you're not gonna be ugly.'"

Gordon said the Giebink family's support was also crucial when he separated his shoulder last season, including his strong bond with Rita and Karl's sons.

This year, Gordon's parents, Colin and Tammy, made their first trip to Montana along with the Mustang's grandparents. As Gordon's birth family spends time with his host family, there's plenty of laughs, and lots of gratitude. 

"It's just awesome to see that there are people in the world that, you know still treat other people this way and open their lives and their families," Colin Gordon said. 

"They treat us like family as much as they treat Miles, and it's awesome," Miles's mother, Tammy, added. 

While Gordon, like most Minor League Baseball players, hopes to someday hear his name called to the Majors, he takes with him new knowledge, memories, and companionship from his time spent with his Montana host family.

"You're part of the family once you walk through those doors," Gordon said. "I'd say Billings is kind of my home away from home now."

Walk through the door into Miles Gordon's 'home away from home' as he shares his story on SWX sports starting at 10:20 p.m. tonight. 

If hosting a Minor League Baseball player over the summer season is something that may interest you, Giebink recommends contacting your local team's main line and inquiring about hosting. 

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