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Fireworks not permitted while Rims remain open for the Fourth of July

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Last month, the Billings Fire Department posted on its Facebook page about the Rims remaining open during the Fourth of July. We wanted to remind viewers, even though the Rims will remain open to the public this year for the first time in more than 20 years, it does not mean people can light up fireworks.

Billings Fire Chief Paul Dextras said the reason there will not be barricades this year is because they found even though the barricades were put up each year, that didn't stop people from passing. He said this year, the fire department and law enforcement want to try something different and be more aggressive.
Chief Dextras said law enforcement such as the police department and airport security and others will be policing the area to keep everyone safe. Chief Dextras has a reminder for everyone.

"Our community has embraced a no tolerance policy through law enforcement associated with fireworks and no tolerance," Chief Dextras said. "If they catch you using fireworks, they will write you a $250 ticket. We have firework displays throughout our community and the fire department actually goes to those and ensures the public's safety, but if the public decides to essentially not abide by the ordinances in the city, you're going to be held accountable. You'll also be held liable."

Chief Dextras hopes people will go up on the Rims and actually use the area for what's it's intended for.

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