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Keeping your pets calm during 4th fireworks

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While the thrill of fireworks blazing in the skies above are a treat for us on the 4th, our fur babies may not be as happy to see this particular holiday come around.

Many animals, especially dogs, are deathly afraid of the pops, whizzes and booms caused by fireworks. Susan Nelson, veterinarian and clinical professor at Kansas State University, said to make sure that your pets are safe this July 4th holiday.

For many pet owners who have dogs with severe fireworks fright, medication may be needed to help calm them and keep them comfortable.

Nelson said pets with anxiety may exhibit signs of heavy panting, a furrowed brow, rapid pacing back and forth, a desire to bolt outside through an open door or window, lack of interest in eating, hiding underneath objects, or just wanting to be extra close to you.

These are all indicators your pet is under duress. 

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