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Gov. Bullock Declares June 27th, 2017 as Innovate Day

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Governor Steve Bullock announced June 27th, 2017 as Innovate Day. It's a day set aside to celebrate Montana's small business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Davey Madison, the project manager at the Government Office of Economic Development. She said Montana is the number one state in the nation for entrepreneurship for four years in a row.

Madison said Innovate Day is really a way to recognize it does take a village to build a business. She said business owners don't get the recognition they deserve. She also said they're the ones who push us forward and continue to push us forward. The press release said Governor Bullock is recognizing June 27th as Innovate Day in advance of the second annual Innovate Montana Symposium happening in mid July. Madison said the symposium is a good way to connect the business community across the state.

"Businesses are kind of the backbone of that, but if you don't have a supportive community, then those businesses aren't going to do as well," Madison said. "Those businesses are really what makes a community. For example, Downtown Billings is one of my favorite downtowns in the state and it's because those businesses are there and there's a community there to support them."

Madison said the symposium coming up in July is a good way to recognize those people who have kept Montana in the top ranking.

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