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Yellowstone County adds restrictions to fish accessing sites

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Yellowstone County issued a stage 1 fire restriction starting Friday. The status means no fire of any kind is allowed. That includes campfires and smoking is prohibited unless inside a vehicle.

Regional Fisheries Program Manager Ken Frazer said nine fish accessing sites in Yellowstone County are going to have more restrictions now that Fourth of July weekend is near. Eight of them are along the Yellowstone River near Billings.

Frazer said due to an early wet spring, green grass has grown and has now dried out causing more potential fires. He said Fourth of July weekend is coming up and Yellowstone County is concerned. He also said Fish, Wildlife, & Parks have crews that are posting the new regulations on the fish accessing sites. Frazer said these restrictions will last until the county decides it's wet enough again, but if grass keeps drying out, more restrictions will take place.

"Especially right now with the Fourth of July coming up, there's always fires from fireworks and other issues," Frazer said. "So, anything we can do to restrict. The emergency people having to respond is the big thing."

 To find out which fish accessing sites will have more restrictions, you can check out the Fish, Wildlife, & Parks website at

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