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Tribal member gives ritual burial for bald eagle

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The Rosebud County Sheriff's Office Facebook page indicated a deputy in Rosebud County rescued a bald eagle which had been injured. The eagle had been found with a broken wing. Initially, the bird was going to be given to Zoo Montana during its recovery but unfortunately, the eagle did not make it.

According to their Facebook page, the Sheriff's Department volunteered to transfer the bird to Zoo Montana. After Zoo Montana, the bird was going to head to Bozeman to get the proper care it needed. Unfortunately, the bird died within hours of being rescued.

Sheriff Allen Fulton said the Northern Cheyenne tribe was contacted so that the eagle was given a proper burial. Fulton said that's when he handed the bird over to Don Shoulderblade of the Northern Cheyenne tribe. He explained why it's important the eagle was ritually buried.

"I'd rather have it go to use and about the only way they can get parts of a bird like this, is for an accident to happen," Fulton said. "Rather than just disposing of it, if it can go to use - as a tribal member, I'm all for turning that type of stuff over."

 Fulton says Don Shoulderblade said prayers for the bird and then gave Fulton sweet grass for safe travels.  

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