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Crow Native Days hosts 2nd annual Ultimate Lady Warrior Challenge

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Today is the fourth day of Crow Native Days at the crow reservation, but it's also the second year for a special event.
It's the second year the celebration is holding the Ultimate Lady Warrior Challenge. It consists of a mile run to the river, a mile canoeing, running four miles, and then riding 6 miles bareback on a horse. These women were incredible to see.
The reason why this triathlon is different is because in previous years the triathlon used to consist of three people. Within the last couple of years, the number of people went down to only one. The winner of this triathlon is 22-year-old Autumn Charges Strong. Fourteen year old Jackie Little Light said she's going to train so that she can compete in the triathlon.
"What inspired you to do something like this?" KULR 8's Briana Monte said.
"Autumn, " Little Light said. "I'm following her tracks. I've been following her ever since she's been running. Her cross country meets and horseback riding and stuff. She's like a sister to me."
18-year-old Brittany Iron is the second place winner and said she had a lot of training to do before the day of event. 22-year-old Autumn Charges Strong won first place for the second year in a row. She said her training started months ago.
"It's not something that you just decide a day before," Iron said. "It's year round training and if you haven't done a lot of that, I mean, you just put the time in for it and anyone can do it. You just got to put the work in."
"I've been training for months," Charges Strong said. "I started running in February. I started riding my horses in April to early May."
Little Light said she hasn't started training just yet, but she will soon so she can enter the triathlon as soon as possible. Crow Native Days are happening now until tomorrow. The men's Ultimate Warrior Challenge will happen tomorrow at 8 A.M. in Crow Agency and all are welcome to attend.

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